Meet our staff: Team Leader Rachel Clement

There are less than two months until the start of Arcadia Farm Camp! We can hardly wait! Stay tuned over the next several weeks – we’ll be posting about the awesome team we’ve assembled. Read on to find out more about Rachel Clement, one of our two Team Leaders.
  • Why are you excited to work at Arcadia Farm Camp this summer? 

I am passionate about farming, and summer, and kids. I’ve spent the past 7 years of my life involved in the worlds of sustainable agriculture and education — as a field worker then forewoman of an organic CSA farm in Southern Maryland, as a leader of youth environmental groups, and teaching school at the elementary and middle school level. I am so excited to bring my enthusiasm for healthy kids, communities, and food to Arcadia Farm Camp. The best thing is watching a candy-loving kid bite into raw cauliflower they helped grow, and ask for more.

  • Tell us about your previous experience with garden or farm-based education.

During college I studied biology and environmental studies, with a focus in ecology and plant science. I worked for 4 years at a 4-season organic production farm in Southern Maryland, where I learned about all aspects of sustainable food growth, cultivation, and business management. After completing a Master’s in Teaching, I began teaching elementary school and middle school science and social studies full-time during the school year. This coming year will be my third year at the Lab School of Washington. I currently facilitate a school garden and greenhouse that are maintained by kids from K-6.

  • What’s your favorite vegetable? 
Broccoli is my favorite food. Seriously. Broccoli and chocolate. Dinosaur kale is a close second.


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