Meet our staff: Counselor Natalie Warren

Natalie is our Farm Intern turned Arcadia Farm Camp counselor and we’re so excited to have her! She’s been a huge help on the farm this season, including helping with our farm field trip program. Read on to learn more!
Why are you excited to work at Arcadia Farm Camp this summer? 
I am excited to work at Arcadia Farm Camp this summer because of the wonderful staff and kids I get to work with. Unlike regular field trips where I only spend a few hours with the kids, Summer Camp is a great opportunity to teach kids about farming and local food systems while really getting to know them and what makes them tick. Also, I am excited for the chicken station!


Tell us about your previous experience with garden or farm-based education.
I started working on farms in Ireland and Scotland when I was 19 and absolutely fell in love with the farming culture and community. I worked with an organization in Minneapolis called Youth Farm and Market Project where I helped run after-school programming, teaching kids how to garden and cook produce grown in their own neighborhoods. I have been helping Arcadia with farm work and field trips since March and I can’t wait for this season’s summer camp!


What’s your favorite vegetable?
My favorite vegetable is the brussels sprout, specifically grilled up with some teriyaki and ginger. mmmmm….

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