Meet our staff: Counselor Kat Song

Arcadia Farm Camp is right around the corner! We’re getting excited to meet all of our campers in just a couple of weeks. In the meantime, keep reading to virtually meet Kat Song, one of our Arcadia Farm Camp Counselors.

Why are you excited to work at Arcadia Farm Camp this summer?
Working at Arcadia Farm Camp is the centerpiece of my summer vacation. I am really looking forward to hanging out on a farm with kids I can help teach life lessons about food, farming and cooking.

Tell us about your previous experience with garden or farm-based education.
Food — how it’s grown, distributed and prepared — has long been a passion of mine. Like most, I started at the end of the spectrum — enjoying the cooking and eating of food — and have since added curiosity and advocacy around how food is produced and distributed to my life-long interests. With kids who attend DC Public Schools, I want to help ensure that the food in school is as healthy as possible and have volunteered with Arcadia’s Farm to School Network.

What’s your favorite vegetable?
My favorite vegetable is the avocado (even though it’s technically a fruit!).


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