Halfway through Week 1!

We’re halfway through the very first week of Arcadia Farm Camp – and what a week it’s been! From water games to chef demos, we’ve been busy beating the heat, exploring the farm, and having fun.

Here are some of the highlights from our first few days:

  • Chefs Ed, Christina and Shannon from DC Central Kitchen stopped by to show us how to make huge delicious meal with seasonal fruits and veggies: okra and tomatoes, chicken florentine, coleslaw, and crepes.
  • We had a visit from Farmer Ben and Arcadia’s own Mobile Market on Tuesday, which included a tour of the bus (so many fridges!). He also enlisted our help in harvesting herbs and Swiss chard
  • Elizabeth from Chipotle did an awesome fresh salsa demonstration today – and brought us free burritos! (Extra special thanks go out to Chipotle for donating eight scholarships to farm camp for kids from low-income families).

More shout-outs go to staff members Rachel, Carling, Matt, Natalie, Sophie and Kat for keeping everyone safe, happy, and healthy.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates!


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