Dispatch from Week 2 of Arcadia Farm Camp

by Tom Chalmers, ACS Summer Fellow

Here we are, well on our way through another session of camp! With plenty of sun, plenty of food to be harvested, and plenty of bright campers to do it, our days have passed by at an amazing rate.

This week, 29 campers have joined us on the farm, immersing themselves in the excitement that accompanies daily life at Arcadia Farm. From turning soil to planting seeds, to watering plants to picking produce, they have become experts on growing and preparing healthy food from scratch.
Surviving the heat has not been easy, but the campers have torn through the 90+ degree haze with plenty of water breaks and water games. We’ve been surprised to see many zany variations on everything from “duck duck goose” to otherwise uneventful watering chores. In the same vein, they’ve taken the lead in planning a “farm olympics” event to coincide with the Opening Games of the 2012 Olympics in London. It will no doubt include many more wacky inventions.

Overall, Arcadia’s first ever farm camp has been fun and insightful for both the kids and the staff. More thanks go out to Ben, for providing another excellent Mobile Market tour, and Elizabeth from Chipotle, who ran a fresh salsa-making demonstration as excellently as she did the first.


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