About Arcadia

Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture is dedicated to creating a more
equitable and sustainable food system and culture in the Washington, DC area and a
collaborative space for the many local efforts and initiatives around better food. Our
mission is to improve the health of our community, the viability of local farmers, and
preserve our environment for future generations by combining education about healthy
food and its sources with better logistical connections between local farmers and the urban and suburban core of the region.

Thanks to a landmark partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Arcadia has established its operations on the grounds of historic Woodlawn Plantation, once a part of George Washington’s farms at Mount Vernon.

Arcadia’s four key program areas are distinct yet interrelated. Each addresses a specific need in the community, while collectively engaging consumers, farmers, schools and institutions alike.

  • Arcadia Farm demonstrates environmentally and economically sustainable growing practices.
  • Arcadia is the home of the D.C. Farm to School Network, which connects schools with healthy, local food for school meals and provides hands-on food & farm education. Learn more at the D.C. Farm to School Network’s website.
  • Arcadia’s Mobile Market distributes fresh, affordable food to underserved DC-area neighborhoods.
  • Arcadia’s Food Hub provides logistical services and market access for local, sustainable farms.

To learn more, visit Arcadia’s website and our blog.


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